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One small gesture can make a big difference

RSB supporter, Margaret, recently sent a donation to their Emergency Appeal, along with the message, “It's my birthday today - can't go out for lunch or cake and coffee - so I will pass my savings on to your good cause”.

The RSB Fundraising Team thought this was a lovely gesture -  and so did their H Litter sponsors, Haigh’s Chocolates, who helped them to deliver a small gift to help sweeten Margaret’s day. 

Margaret was surprised and delighted with her unexpected gift. “I didn’t want or expect anything in return for my donation”, she said. “The RSB does such a wonderful job and their dogs help so many people, but the delivery from Haigh’s Chocolates and the RSB made my birthday in lockdown extra special.”  

With so many people currently unable to celebrate special occasions with family and friends, the RSB believes that money they’re saving can help make a huge difference! By making a donation to the RSB Emergency Appeal, the dollars saved on celebrating will help ensure the puppies in their Guide and Assistance Dog program can complete their training.

Executive Manager – Marketing & Fundraising, Darrin Johnson, says, “Due to the current situation, our fundraising has almost come to a standstill, seriously jeopardising our ability to complete the training of around 60 guide and assistance dogs.” 

Mr Johnson estimates a $120,000 shortfall of funds by the end of June. “Some of these dogs are small puppies starting out on their training, while others are just weeks away from transforming the life of someone who is blind, or an ADF veteran struggling with PTSD. They still need to be fed, housed and to see the vet. We can’t just put their training on hold until this is over – too many people are relying on us to provide these dogs.”

Donations to the RSB Emergency Appeal can be made by calling 1300 944 306 or at:

For more information and interview opportunities with Margaret and Darrin, contact: 

Rob Hart – Communications Officer - 0439 844 051

Pictured: Margaret and her four-legged friends, Toby and Nakita, posing with their Haigh’s Chocolates gift pack.