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Cuts to RSB Print Alternatives Funding


After a national review of services, the Federal Department of Social Services has decided to consolidate contractors approved to provide Print Disability Services from four providers down to just two, VisAbility and Vision Australia

The RSB has no concerns with the quality of work provided by these agencies, however the lack of a local supplier option will significantly impact South Australians.

Asking people who are blind or living with low vision to contact an interstate agency, gain an approval to receive service, and then write to the agency with the materials they need to get translated into Braille, Large Print, eText or Audio is not practical, is time consuming, costly and for many will simply be too hard.

In the short term the RSB will continue to maintain a service for our clients for a minimium of three months to allow us to fight on for this funding and to maintain a viable service for our clients.

Sadly if we cannot get this funding decision overturned, or find another source of funding then we will have no choice but to scale back the service and our clients will have to try to use the interstate options.

Today we have launched a campaign to help draw attention to this issue and to lobby the Federal Minister, Federal MP's, the South Australian Premier and the South Australian Disability Minister to take action to ensure South Australian can maintain a local service.

You can support this campaign here Not Happy Dan