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Covid-19 Update for Guide Dog users

Social Distancing Guidelines for Guide Dog Handlers using Taxis and Ride Share Services. 

Due to risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, usual procedures for Guide Dog Handlers using taxis, Uber and similar services, have undergone important changes. The Federal Government, Taxi Industry and Ride Share Services sector, advise that all Guide Dog Handlers should travel in the back seat of the vehicle with their dog sitting at their feet in the foot-well.

Under this new arrangement, Guide Dog Handlers should ask taxi and ride share services’ drivers to move the front passenger’s seat as far forward as possible to provide room for their dog.

Exiting the vehicle retains the same procedure as undertaken previously

The new recommended steps for Guide Dog Handlers entering and exiting a taxi or ride share vehicle are:

1. Approach the vehicle as you would normally, by locating the front passenger door. Once in position, move one metre to your right and locate the rear passenger door.

2. Ask the driver to move the front passenger seat as far forward as possible.

3. Remove your Guide Dog’s harness to ensure it doesn’t get caught under the front seat. 

4. Have your dog wait while you position yourself on the back seat.

5. Your dog should sit at your feet in the back foot-well. Ensure your dog’s tail is inside the vehicle before closing the back door.

6. Exit the vehicle with your dog as per the procedure previously used from the front seat.

7. Reattach your dog’s harness and complete your journey.


Remember, it is essential to keep a safe distance from others to minimise the risk of coming into contact with potential COVID-19 carriers.


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