The Royal Society for the Blind (RSB)

Eye Care and Health Care Professionals

Since 1884 the RSB has worked closely with eye health professionals to help maximise the sight and provide independence for their patients as their sight declines. In 1978 the RSB established a Low Vision Centre which works with the vision impaired to achieves these goals. Patients require a referral from their Optometrists and Ophthalmologists to attend a clinic. The referral includes patient’s diagnosis and acuity.  The referral criteria being that spectacles or contact lenses alone are no longer making it possible for the patient to read or provide independence.

During their visit the client will be seen by a RSB Counsellor and Optometrists who specialise in Low Vision. The patient will also be offered a consultation with an Ophthalmologist (non-surgical or diagnosis) to provide further advice on their condition.
The following services are provided when attending the clinic.

  • Assessment of magnification needs by the Optometrist.
  • The loan of a quality and suited electronic magnifier e.g. 8x for reading. The magnifier can be purchased or returned at the follow up appointment (4-6 weeks after the initial).
  • Adaptive Technology Advice and Training
  • Low Vision Products such as talking clocks, magnifiers and independant living aids
  • Blind sports, pension and driving assessment. The LVC has the ability to conduct an Esterman binocular field test.

The patient may also be referred to:

A report is sent back to the referring clinician after the patient has been through the clinic. The LVC is not meant to replace a patient’s own Optometrist or Ophthalmologist and we advise the patient to continue visiting their regular eye health professionals.

There is no cost to attend the clinic and the waiting times are approximately 2 weeks. Interpreter and volunteer transport is also available.If you require a referral pad or further information please ring (08) 8417 5599